K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Russell Louis Filiberti


SP4 - E4 - Army - Selective Service
11th Armored Cavalry
21 year old Single, Caucasian, Male
Born on Sep 28, 1945
Length of service 1 year.
His tour of duty began on Aug 23, 1966
Casualty was on Jun 19, 1967
Body was recovered

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Nancy Grande remembers Russell Louis Filiberti

November 11, 1013
Posted By: Nancy
Relationship: Sister

Happy Veterans Day. We went to the cemetery today. Put Flags up in your honor. June 19,1967 still rings in my mind like it was yesterday. Love and miss you always in our hearts.

Barbara remembers Russell Louis Filiberti

May 30, 2006
Posted By: Barbara

I did not know you personally, but we attended the same school - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.   I remember vividly hearing the news that you had made the ultimate sacrifice.   Watch over us.

On July 23, 2004 Theresa Immordino Writes:

Hi Mr. Hersey,

Thanks for your site.  Very informative. I just wanted to note one thing.   SPC4 Russell Filiberti who died in Vietnam June 19, 1967 actually had been awarded a Bronze Star.  I spoke to his Mom and she told me they gave it to him for keeping on fighting in a battle in Vietnam.  His friend, Gerald Bright, thinks it was probably the ambush patrol of May 19th because it couldn't have been the battle he died in because he and his Sergeant were the first to go down in that time. Is there any way to add that Bronze Star to his memory sites?

Thank you for your help.

Theresa Immordino

Theresa Immordino remembers Russell Louis Filiberti

May 18, 2004
"The Good Little Soldier"
Posted By: Theresa Immordino
e-Mail: theresa@mris.com
Relationship: Grade School Classmate and Friend

I will always remember Russell Filiberti when I first saw him ..the first day of school...he was a shy, handsome, quiet little guy, dressed like a little man.

  He always did the right thing way back then but never faulted those who didn't. And as I try to describe who he was to people who did not know him or of him, I find myself saying he was always a "good little soldier", although I would never have guessed that he would actually be a soldier or choose to be a soldier when he grew up. I remember him as a kind, intelligent, responsible little man (though 6years old at the time)...but he stands out in my mind's eye and he always will...he was a rare and good spirit and he shone and stood out quietly, and seemed always to know where he was headed and what needed to be done.

He was a special person when I knew him and I pray that he will be remembered fondly by others who served with him and his close family.  He was just an exceptional person,even at 5/6 years, and I cant seem to forget his face and his aura...I just know he is with God and May Bless him and comfort his family, his army pals, and those who knew him well.  Long, long gone from this world, but  Never forgotten Russell Filiberti.  May 18, 2004

Gerald Bright remembers Russell Louis Filiberti

January 8, 2003
Posted By: Gerald Bright
e-Mail: gbright@ec.rr.com
Relationship: Buddy

Birdman was a really great guy.  He always shared his packages that he got from home.   They contained a 5th of vodka, 6 packs of Kool Aid and a big salami stick.  He received a shoe box just about every week.

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