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K Troop's

Honored Dead

Gone But Not Forgotten

62 Brave Men



Stop, passer-by: Stop, child of God,
And read, with gentle breast. Beneath this sod

A soldier lies, or that which once seem'd he
O, lift one thought in prayer for me

That he who many a year with toil of breath
Found death in life, may here find life in death:

Remember me - forget not my name
He ask'd, and hoped through God. Do thou the same.

K Troop's Honor Roll

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Edward Mearl Ball
Larry Howard Brinkey
Gerald Reid Carr
William P. Centers, Jr.
Richard Wilson Cole
*John La Verne Crane
Raymond D. Crowder, Jr.

Roosevelt C. Curley, Jr.
Michael Edward  Darnell
Eugene Harold Dickinson
Edward Lee Fails, Jr.
Russell Louis Filiberti
Gregory Gagliardi
Richard B. Garrett
Charlie Tidwell Gazaway
Kenneth Samuel Gibbs
Myllin Gerald Henrich
*Raymond Clyde Holt
Jerry Lee Houser

Wesley Charles Howley, Jr.
Toler Lee Hutchins, Jr.
Phillip Earl Ireland
Darrell Asa Jackson
James Albert Jackson
Blaine Wilson Landers
Alfred Lee
Delbert O. Lewis
Jack William McCann
Henry David McInnis
Donald Kent McLean
James David McWhorter
Barry Lee Moyer
David John Moylan
Daniel Lee Mullins
Bobby Louis Murphy
James Eugene Ownes
Gerard Vincent Palma
Roger Rogelio Pangan
Lawrence Lee Petersen
Robert M. Press, Jr.
Melvin Lewis Pullen
Angelo Cesare Raptis, Jr.
Willie James Ray
Gary Walton Reed
Billy Gene Rodgers
Anthony Wilfred Roybal
Rodolfo Andres Saenz
Wayne Thomas Schumacher
Joseph Wayne Sell, Jr.
* Walter Stephen Simpson
Ponder Ray Sims
Alfred John Small
Elmer Lynn Spivey

Peter Bruce Staddon
William Charles Stanley
James Thomas Steighner
Gerald Wayne Stephens
Harry Eugene Taylor
Leonard Vito Tedesco
Dwight Elmer Timberlake
*Carver Joe Vaughan
Larry Allen Williamson

This list may not contain all of the names of K Troop's dead.   If you know of a K Trooper who should be on this list, please send feedback..  Grateful appreciation is extended to Jim Murray for compiling the master roster of all of the 11th ACR KIAs and more recently, Allen Hathaway for continuing the work.

Richard Cole, Delbert Lewis, Alfred Small and Elmer Spivey are listed here as members of K Troop but records are inconclusive about their status as members.  Some records, including headstones, indicated that they belonged to other units of the 11th ACR at the time of their death.  They may have, at one time, belonged to K Troop.  If you know these men and can provide help in finding these brave souls the unit they were assigned please write to Allen Hathaway at pahathaway@msn.com

What Was The Most Dangerous Job In Vietnam?

Armor Crewman
(MOS 11E)
27% KIA
Source: Combat Area Casualty File 11/93 Nat'l Archives

By Date In History
According To Month

January 11, 1970 - Michael Edward Darnell

February 7, 1969 Gerald Reid Carr
February 7, 1969 - Richard B. Garrett
February 7, 1969 - Donald Kent McLean

March 2, 1968 - Barry Lee Moyer
March 4, 1971 - Charlie Tidwell Gazaway

April 19, 1969 - Gerald Vincent Palma
April 21, 1969 Gerald Wayne Stephens
April 25, 1971 - Edward Mearl Ball
April 29, 1969 - Elmer Lynn Spivey

May 6, 1969 - Larry Howard Brinkey

On May 21, 1967 K Troop suffered its worst single day casualty loss for the entire war in Vietnam when 16 men of K Troop were killed.

GO HERE to read the story of their courageous battle for survival as they fought to defend against the enemy's attack.

May 21, 1967 - Eugene Harold Dickinson
May 21, 1967 - William P. Centers, Jr.
May 21, 1967 - Jerry Lee Houser
May 21, 1967 - Toler Lee Hutchins
May 21, 1967 - Phillip Earl Ireland
May 21, 1967 - James Albert Jackson
May 21, 1967 - Alfred Lee
May 21, 1967 - Henry David McInnis
May 21, 1967 - James David McWhorter
May 21, 1967 - Anthony Wilred Roybal
May 21, 1967 - Rodolfo Andres Saenz
May 21, 1967 - William Charles Stanley
May 21, 1967 - James Thomas Steighner
May 21, 1967 - Dwight Elmer Timerlake
May 21, 1967 - Larry Allen Williamson
*May 22, 1968 - Walter Stephen Simpson

June 19, 1967 - Raymond D. Crowder, Jr.
June 19, 1967 - Edward Lee Fails, Jr.
June 19, 1967 - Russell Louis Filiberti
June 19, 1967 - Blaine Wilson Landers
June 19, 1967 - Bobby Louis Murphy
June 19, 1967 - Wayne Thomas Schumacher
June 19, 1967 - Leonard Vito Tedesco
June 19, 1969 - Richard Wilson Cole
June 20, 1969 - Joseph Wayne Sell, Jr.
June 23, 1970 - Myllin Gerald Henrich
June 26, 1970 - Wesley Charles Howley, Jr.
June 26, 1970 David John Moylan
June 26, 1970 - Lawrence Lee Petersen
June 26, 1970 - Melvin Lewis Pullen

July 17, 1969 - Gary Walton Reed
July 21, 1967 - Roosevelt C. Curley, Jr.
July 21, 1967 - Billy Gene Rodgers
July 21, 1967 - Ponder Ray Sims
July 21, 1969 - Roger Rogelio Pangan

August 14, 1967 - Angelo Cesare Raptis, Jr.
August 31, 1967 - Daniel Lee Mullins

September 4, 1967 - Kenneth Samuel Gibbs
September 4, 1967 - James Eugene Owens
September 7, 1967 - Gregory Gagliardi
September 29, 1970 - Harry Eugene Taylor

October 6, 1970 - Willie James Ray
October 14, 1966 - Darrell Asa Jackson
October 27, 1968 - John La Verne Crane
October 30 - 1970 - Peter Bruce Staddon
October 31, 1968 - Robert M. Press, Jr.

November 14, 1968 - Alfred John Small

December 25, 1967 - Delbert O. Lewis
December 27, 1970 - Raymond Clyde Holt
December 27, 1970 - Jack William McCann
December 27, 1970 - Carver Joe Vaughan

* The 11th Armored Cavalry's Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia counts four members of the 11th ACR as Missing In Action (MIA).  Walter Stephen Simpson is one.  The other three are, Walter Melvin Pierce, Peter Charles Forame and Thomas William Skiles.  More Info.

* Crane, Holt and Vaughan were added to the Honor Roll on August 13, 2001.  (Source: Bill Lewellen - K Troop 1966-67)

For the complete list of all 11th ACR KIAs from 1966 until 1972 by year, go here.

The Cost Of War
Summary Of Vietnam Casualty Statistics


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Glossary Of Terms

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