K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

hosted by Bob Hersey


Jack William McCann


STG - E5 - Army
11th Armored Cavalry
21 year old
Born on Spt 5, 1949
His tour of duty began on Oct 298, 1970
Casualty was on Dec 27, 1970

Panel 5W - - Line 11

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Paul D. Presley remembers Jack William McCann

May 9, 2011
Posted By: Paul D. Presley
e-Mail: paullin0@yahoo.com
Title: Brother In Arms
Relationship: A Friend

I remember Christmas 1970.   Me and Jack were showing each other  pictures of our wifes and sons.  Jack's son (he called him little Sarge in the picture) was wearing a little army outfit.  Jack was very proud of him.  I remember Jack made a point to tell me how much he loved and missed them.  Two days later Jack, Ray, Holt and Joe Vaughan were killed.  There was somebody wounded also.  I know he went back to the world as we called stateside but I can't remember his name.  If anyone remembers, please email me.  "Little Sarge", if you are out there, remember you were loved very much.

Sp/4 Paul D. Presley, K Troop 70-71.

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