K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

hosted by Bob Hersey


Washington, DC 2001


100 Years Of Service To Our Nation


Gallery 1

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Ollie Pickral - Eric Newton

wash_reunion02.JPG (80863 bytes)
Bob & Hellen Hersey

wash_reunion03.JPG (71869 bytes)
"3 Soldiers"

wash_reunion04.JPG (76308 bytes)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Wall)

wash_reunion05.JPG (66551 bytes)
Women's Vietnam Memorial

wash_reunion06.jpg (47466 bytes)
Tomb - Unknown Soldier

wash_reunion07.jpg (61475 bytes)
K Troop

wash_reunion08.jpg (63378 bytes)
Bunker Party

wash_reunion09.jpg (36075 bytes)
Bill Lewellen - Dan Stroia

wash_reunion10.jpg (31903 bytes)
Ollie Pickral

wash_reunion11.JPG (92759 bytes)
11th Cav Display

wash_reunion12.JPG (92316 bytes)
Bunker Party

wash_reunion13.JPG (70093 bytes)
Eugene Oregon

wash_reunion14.JPG (76462 bytes)

wash_reunion15.JPG (88512 bytes)
Bunker Party

wash_reunion16.jpg (59060 bytes)
Hellen Hersey
K Troop Table

wash_reunion17.jpg (42658 bytes)
David & Mary Saxby

wash_reunion18.JPG (65572 bytes)

wash_reunion19.jpg (49708 bytes)
Bunker Party

wash_reunion20.jpg (65732 bytes)
Birthday Cake

wash_reunion21.jpg (35613 bytes)
Reflection In The Wall

wash_reunion22.jpg (64698 bytes)
K Troopers at the Wall

wash_reunion23.jpg (71938 bytes)
Korean Wall Memorial

wash_reunion24.JPG (65065 bytes)
Korean Wall Memorial


ktroop_group_25.jpg (35845 bytes)

Nearly two dozen or so of the more than 50 men of K Troop who attended the reunion.  CLICK HERE or on the photo for a printable enlargement.

Photo by Hellen Hersey.  Printed and submitted by Dan Stroia.

Gallery 2

wash_reunion25.jpg (81539 bytes)
Rubbings From The Wall

wash_reunion26.jpg (95867 bytes)
Memorial Service
The Wall

wash_reunion27.jpg (66258 bytes)
Memorial Service
The Wall

wash_reunion28.jpg (67107 bytes)
Memorial Service
The Wall

wash_reunion29.jpg (66178 bytes)
Ollie Pickral, Pres. 11ACVVC

wash_reunion30.JPG (99072 bytes)
Memorial Service
The Wall

wash_reunion31.jpg (85366 bytes)
Guest Speaker

wash_reunion32.JPG (88973 bytes)
Blackhorse Remembers

wash_reunion33.JPG (93421 bytes)
Memorial Service
The Wall

wash_reunion34.jpg (90501 bytes)
Wreath Laying
The Wall

wash_reunion35.jpg (65250 bytes)
Honor Guard
The Wall

wash_reunion36.JPG (91664 bytes)
Wreath Laying
The Wall

wash_reunion37.jpg (62662 bytes)
Apex of the Wall

wash_reunion38.JPG (68546 bytes)
Blackhorse Wreath

wash_reunion39.jpg (54581 bytes)
Hellen & Bob Hersey
The Wall 2001

wash_reunion40.jpg (75486 bytes)
Banquet Hall Stage

wash_reunion41.JPG (65253 bytes)
Honoring Capt. William Boice

wash_reunion42.jpg (78498 bytes)
Sgt. Saxby Present Gift

wash_reunion43.jpg (31600 bytes)
K Troop Commander, William Boice & Sgt.David Saxby

wash_reunion44.jpg (57343 bytes)
Adding Battle Streamers

wash_reunion45.jpg (50967 bytes)
Families of our Honored Dead

wash_reunion46.jpg (47329 bytes)
Bob Hersey - K Troop 1968 & Hellen his Wife

wash_reunion47.JPG (67320 bytes)
Emcee: Gene Johnson

wash_reunion48.JPG (81853 bytes)
Army Secretary, Thomas White, Jr.

wash_reunion49.jpg (66784 bytes)
On The Left, Bill Lewellen

wash_reunion50.jpg (61908 bytes)

wash_reunion51.jpg (53027 bytes)
A Table Set For Our MIAs

Gallery 3

Bill Schuessler - Motor Scooter

Bill Schuessler's Reunion Photos GO HERE

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