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Photo On My Stationery

19, Aril  1969

7:00 PM

(The picture above is the same picture that appears on the stationery that I was now using.  I must have bought it at the PX).

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, how is everything in the "World"?  Fine I hope.  Things here are going good.  Getting plenty to eat and I'm getting plenty of sleep.  I haven't started cooking yet.  Right now I'm in school for about a week learning different things like how to stay alive in Vietnam for 12 months.  It's pretty interesting.

Well, so far I haven't seen any VC (Viet Cong) and we haven't been mortared yet.   One good thing about being in an Armored Cavalry unit is that having so much firepower as we have, Charlie doesn't mess with us too much.  It gives me a real good feeling to know that these tanks are right close by.  This is a crack outfit and these men have a great deal to be proud of.

I don't know yet whether or not I will be joining the squadron in the field on operations after I finish school or not.  The chances are pretty good that I will just wait here until they get back.  I don't know.  It really doesn't matter to me that much.  From what the guys say here, the field is a lot better duty and much safer than here at base camp.  Eventually though I will have to go to the field, probably after the monsoon season.  Which will probably be in September or October.   I may have to go sooner.  I'm not exactly sure how this unit operates.   So when I do go to the field I will write and let you know so that you won't expect too many letters while I'm in the field.  I will try and write as often as possible.

They tell me that they stay in the field quite a long time.  Sometimes they stay as long as four months.  That's a long time to be away from base camp.  While I happen to think of it, when you write, do not put your return address on the envelope or the letter.  If the letter would fall into the wrong hands (like the Viet Cong) they like to play games.  If you know what I mean.  So it's best if you don't put a return address on it.  That way Charlie doesn't know who sends my mail.

Time goes by pretty fast here.  It's hard to believe that I've been here a week.   It takes about 5 days for my letters to reach you and about 5 to 6 days from your letters to reach me.  It will sure be good to here from you.  Tell me about how Johnson (President Lyndon B. Johnson) is getting along with peace talks over there.   I would sure like to see this war over.  It would make my job over here much easier and much safer.

In case you didn't get my first letter I will give you my address again.  Here it is:

                            Sp/4 Robert A. Hersey
                            RA 11748xxx
                            K Trp. 3/11 ACR
                            APO S.F. 96257

Well, I think I will sign off now.  I will be looking forward to your letters.   Say hello to everyone for me.

By for now!


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