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Wednesday, April 2, 1969
7 days

(Editor's note:  As it turned out this would not be "my last letter from Vietnam".  Before I left Blackhorse on the 9th I learned that my six month extension to Vung Tau was approved.  I departed the 90th Replacement Battalion, Long Binh, on Flight Q2B2 at 20:00 hrs.  I left most of my personal effects in my foot locker in the supply room at Blackhorse.  I was due to return in a month for re-assignment to my second tour of duty station at Vung Tau.  I arrived back at Blackhorse on May 18th, 1969 after a 30 day leave and was immediately re-assigned to the 528th Quartermaster Company.  When I returned to Blackhorse I found that my foot locker had been broken into and most of my personal effects were stolen.  This letter is not the final letter that you may read here.  I have included one more - the letter that I wrote on May 19, 1969 upon my return to Blackhorse before going on to Vung Tau.)

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, this is my last letter from Vietnam.   When you receive this letter I will probably be on my way home.  I am presently back at Blackhorse.  I got here three days ago.  I have not started processing yet.  I start on the 4th.  I have been to personnel about my extension and they said that they would check into it.  As of yet, there has been nothing come back on it.  So, the chances are pretty good that I will be going to Ft. Benning.  If my extension comes back within the next five days I will be coming back.   I am afraid this is something that I won't be able to tell you until I get home.

In the event that you haven't received my previous letters, I am still coming home on the 9th.  I leave Vietnam at 8:00 PM.  I will be arriving at Ft. Dix sometime on the 9th - probably in the late afternoon or evening.  I will call you from Newark Airport and let you know when to expect me at Logan.

As far as things go here, everything is fine.  Just relaxing and taking things easy.  I'm thinking about getting home.  These isn't much more I can write so I will sing off now

By for now!
See you real soon.


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