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Photo On My Stationery Monday, April 22, 1968
7:00 PM

(Caution: Contains Adult Language)

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, another letter today.  That seems to be the only thing over here to do is write.  I know how much a letter means to you so I will try and write often.   However, don't expect a letter every day when I go to the field.  I don't know how much time I will have to write when I'm in the field but I will write as often as possible.  So don't worry about me if you don't here from me for a few days.

Things here are about the same.  I'm still going to school.  I finish Thursday and then I go the the field.  I'm kind of looking forward to it.  This place is deserted.  Everyone's in the field.  They say field duty is better than here at base camp.  There is more to see and do.  Different cities to see.   Sort of like a tour.  However, me being a cook, I will see no action.   Actually, I am not too disappointed in missing all the fun.  They probably won't stay out too much longer because the monsoon season is just about upon us and the Cavalry can't operate in all that mud and water.

Today we had a few showers.  That's a sign of the approaching monsoons.   During the peak of the dry season it doesn't rain a drop in weeks and weeks.   They sure have a funny climate over here.  Actually, since I've been in country the heat has never been a factor.  It gets hot but I don't seem to mind it in the least.  I guess my blood is just geared up for hot weather.  I seem to be able to get along better with the heat than with the "hawk" (slang for cold weather).  The "hawk" and me just don't get along.  The nights here are cool.  You need a blanket over you some nights.

I had my first haircut today by a Vietnamese barber.  It's quite an experience.   For a buck, they massage you, rub you down and just about do everything but cut your hair.  No, actually they are pretty good.

Tomorrow, our class goes to the rifle range and we fire our M-16s.  I'm looking forward to it.  I've been carrying the damn thing with me everywhere I go since I first got here so tomorrow I get a chance to learn how to shoot with it.  I even have to take it with me to take a shit.  The shitter is located about 50 meters out our back door.  The pisser is right next to it.  One good thing about taking a shit over here is you don't have to flush.  Just soak it in diesel fuel the next day and burn it.  Have you ever smelled burning shit.  It don't smell too good.   Actually, I have never been on shit burning detail but I have been down wind of it a few times.  All human waste here has to be burned.  Oh well, enough of that.

Enclosed in this letter you will notice a funny looking piece of paper with some "broads" picture on it.  This is MPC (Military Payment Certificate).   This is not Vietnamese money.  This is the money that we use here in the PX, etc. to buy our needs.  Don't try to spend it there because they will just laugh.   This piece of paper is worth 10 cents.  Keep it as a souvenir of Vietnam.

Speaking of money, May 31st or there abouts you should start getting my allotment checks of $200.  If you shouldn't, write me and let me know.  Something else I need - a small compact (mirror) like the one I bought at the base PX.  The one I had worked great until I lost it.  Preferably in brown or a dark color.  Right now I can't think of anything I need except of course a discharge but you can't help me with that.

I've only been over here a little over a week and I'm homesick already.  Boy, I sure will be glad when this is over and I can come home again.  This is nice place to visit but I sure wouldn't want to live here (for more than a year).

Well, I think I will sign off now.  Say hello to everyone for me.  Give my regards to Broadway and all that good stuff.

By for now!


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