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Wednesday, December 11, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  I am sitting in the mess hall here at Blackhorse watching the new Jerry Lewis show on our new T.V.  I believe I told you before that all the cooks chipped in and bought a T.V.  It's real nice and we enjoy it very much.

Things are going pretty well here for us.  The troop is still out in the field and we are cooking one meal a day here to airlift to them.  I haven't been out yet and don't know if I will be going out or not.  From what we understand, the troop should be coming in pretty soon.

Time is going by fast.  I have 121 days left, tomorrow.  I put in for another R&R to Bangkok yesterday.  The R&R is for the 25th to the 30th of January.   I hope I get it.  I will have to wait a couple of weeks before I find out.

Things around here are building up rapidly.  We have been getting a lot of new mess equipment and they are building up the troop areas.  This war is going to be over very soon, I think.  Either that or they are going to keep us here for a while.   They are building this place for people to actually live here.  I hope so, anyway.

Oh well, with 121 days left I don't really care.  I am going to cut this letter short because I'm getting interested in the the T.V. show.  As of yet, I haven't received your package with the tapes but I did receive the other two packages.  Also, I would appreciate it if you would send the money I asked for.  Thank you.  Take care.

By for now!


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