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Monday, December 2, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  I just received your letter Mom of the 26th and of course it was good to hear from you.  There is one thing that I would like to say first and that is I have reason to believe that the package which you sent me with the flash attachment in it has been lost.  I wrote you and told you I received one package with tee shirts and socks, soap, pens etc. but I did not receive the other.   This was about a week ago and so far no package.  I would like a list of all the items  in the package along with the value of each.  Also, the date it was mailed and how it was insured.  If it does not arrive in two more weeks I will go to the post office and put in a claim.  If I do not receive the package do not send me another flashgun as I will wait until I get home.

I would like you to send me postal money orders totaling $450 in four one hundred dollar denominations and one in fifty.  The reason for this money is to order, through the PX here, an Aika tape recorder like the one Dick has.  It's $284.  I will also buy a Sony portable TV for $135.  It take approximately three months for delivery so I would like to order it now so that it gets home before I leave here.   If it doesn't get home before I leave I will check on it here.  I will send you the receipts in the event you have to make a claim but I would really like to get these here for I can save almost 50%. 

I am thinking ahead to when I get home and out of the Army.  I will want to set up an apartment and I will need some furnishings.  I hope to buy a car when I get home too.  I would like to get a new one but this will depend on whether I get a good job right away.

Well, I just took a look at my short-timers calendar and I have 130 days and wake up today.  So, I guess I'm getting short.  I'll be glad to break 100 but I must say time has really been going by fast.

In my last letter I told you that we were going right back out after a four day stand-down at Blackhorse.  Well, tomorrow morning the troop is moving out but the mess hall is staying here at base camp.  So it doesn't look like I will be going out on this mission.  The mission is suppose to last two weeks and then back to base camp for Christmas for about 30 days.  So this is just fine with me.

Right now I am back at Blackhorse and will probably stay here for about 50 to 60 days.   I might possibly go out for one week on this mission.  If I can talk my way out of it though, I won't have to go.

Things are going real well.  We have a new Mess Sargent (E-7) and we have good cooks.  Barney has gone and since then, time has flown by.  Well, I am going to sign off now.  Take care.

By for now!


P.S.  Today I sent you two packages.  Each contained seven boxes of color slides plus one audio tape.  Hope you enjoy them and please don't show them to anyone.

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