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Saturday, December 21, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, how is everything going?  We are kept pretty busy.  Forgive me for not writing more often but we have been up to our necks in work.  I am putting in about 14 hours a day.  We are trying to get ready for the I.G. Inspection.  The inspection is the 7th of January so we only have about 17 days to get ready for it. 

This place has really gone stateside including the chicken shit of stateside duty.   I'll be glad when this inspection is over and we can get back out in the field.   This place makes me nervous.  Our base camp is supposed to be surrounded by three regiments of VC and NVA.  We have red alerts about every night.  The troop is back in from the field along with the entire 3rd Squadron.  They are also bringing in another squadron for security.

The VC holidays are upon us.  The 19th was the seventh anniversary of the founding of the National Liberation Front.  Charlie likes to celebrate his holidays with a bang and of course, Tet is coming up in January.  As of yet, base camp hasn't been hit but they expect it any day now.  Like I say, I can't wait until we get back out in the field.

I'm getting disgusted with this whole thing.  The war, base camp, Vietnam - everything.  I guess this is a sign that I'm getting short - 111 days today.   Time is really flying by.  I'm surprised.  I thought that these last few days would go slow but they're not.  I guess it's because we are kept so busy. 

All in all, things are going good.  I'm still alive and feeling good so I guess this is two points in my favor.  Our T.V. helps to fill our nights here.  So things, are getting better all of the time.

I was surprised to here that (editor's note: name redacted for privacy) called you on the phone.  I don't know what she had to say.  I hope she isn't taking this whole thing too seriously.  I have been getting some pretty intimate letters from her lately.  I don't have any intention toward her, honorable or otherwise.  She has sent me a picture of her.  (editor's note: the next three sentences are redacted for privacy).  I'm in no hurry to settle down to married life.  I'm going to play it cool for a while.  At least until I get out of the Army and find a job and settle down.  Then, perhaps I might be interested in marriage but I don't have anyone in mind.  I have given up writing to the girl in Bangkok.  (editor's note: the next two sentences have been redacted for privacy).

I'm not in as much of a hurry as I used to be.  Time will take care of itself.   So please, don't draw any conclusions about my future plans.  I know what I am doing.  I have matured a lot since I've been here.  I think you will see the change when I get home.  I have practically given up drinking.  I could get drunk every night if I wanted to but I just don't have the desire to drink.   Occasionally, I drink a couple of beers now and then but that's it.

Dave and I have our own private room in the "hootch".  Well, it's not very private for we don't have a door on it yet but at least it's a room.  We built it ourselves two nights ago.  It only took us about three hours.  It's nice to have something besides a bed that we can call ours.  Now we have a room.  It's a little easier sleeping at night.  Nobody bothers us.  So, like I say, things are getting better.

I am not cooking any longer.  Being a Spec/5 I am the second highest ranking man in the mess hall (next to the Mess Sargent) so I am the first cook and I am acting as a supervisor.  I do the paperwork and I go to ration breakdown and get the rations.   I make sure that the meals are prepared properly and on time.  I have four cooks working for me.  I also help out on the baking though I don't have to but of course, I like to bake so I don't mind.  Tonight, I made doughnuts for tomorrow's breakfast.  I made some chocolate frosted devil's food cakes today which turned out great.  So, I guess the guys are pretty happy with my efforts.

Well, the mail just came in.  No letter from you today.  Three cards came however.  I have been getting a lot of cards from a lot of people.  It's really great to get all this mail.  Well, it's getting late so I will say have a Merry Christmas.  I love you both.

By for now!


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