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Guest Book


Klaas Klijnstra


I haven't been in nam but i'm a great collecter in everything wat has to do whit that war and have a great respect for ho fought there fore there country! And this is a great site for ho is bin there or ho wants to now something about it!! KEEP ON GOING!!!!

Dale Sabine
Gorham, Maine


Just droped in to say hello brother Bob. Hope all is well with you and the familly. The date on the poem should be 3/1/67 to 12/24/67. Allways a brother Dale

Maurice (buck) Rogers


K troop,69/70

Larry Fredonia


Gavan M. Vigar
Geelong, Victoria. AUSTRALIA

G'day Bob. Just dropped by again to see how you were going. The page is still looking good. I hope the blokes I met at the 13th reunion in New Orleans are safe and well after what has happened. Gavan

James L . Taylor
Havana, Fl
oldskidd@bell South.com


I was a member of the Black Horse in Fulda,Germany 1/11 ACR Delta Troop. nick name T- dog.

Monroe, TN


Dan Vinson
Nashville Arkansas


Welcome home and thanks for your service to our country. I was in Thailand Jan 68 to Jan 69 with 8th Security Police Sqdn Ubon Thailand. Will be at 11th Reunion http://www.vspa.com in Oct 2005.

Kenneth McWhorter
Edinburg, TX.



Gorham, Maine


My dear brother Daniel Lee Mullins, is always in my heart, especially on this day. I am only here, because of two steps, and fate chose to spare me or my name would be there also. But I will never forget that day as long as I live. He is always with me. Dale R. Sabine K-Trp. 3/11th ACR 1967

LaDonna Hendrickson
Searcy, AR


I just read a news article about my ex-husband on your site. His name is Ted Hendrickson, and he received the Silver Star for his actions. He is presently in the VA hospital here in Arkansas. He has had a long fight with depression, alcoholism, and various other medical and mental problems. I plan to tell him about your website. I believe he would enjoy it very much.


Larry Fraliex
Fredonia, KY


Tony K. Morgan


I am the ScoutMaster for B.S.A.troop 27and we are planning to have a ceremony for Henry D. McInnis in the near future but can't set a date yet.

Editor's Note:  Thank you Tony for remembering Henry McInnis.  He is remembered here in the Honor Roll at KTroop.com.

Richard Abram
Trenton Ontario Canada


I would just like to say that this has been an excellent experience for me viewing your site. Although I was about 6 years old when the Vietnam war was ongoing I still remember thinking how brave and honorable those men and women over there are. I am 40 years old now and have have served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 18 years. I have completed 2 tours in the Gulf and will be heading back again in the near future. It is a different kind of jungle over there in some ways compared to Vietnam, but only veterans can understand what I am talking about and feeling. Try explaining it to civvies and they don't get it. Long comment, I know but just wanted to say thanks!

Walter Kopf
Okemos, MI


Was member of K Troop from 8/1964 - 8/1966 at Ft Meade, MD. Was 2nd Lt -1Lt during tenure. Was Platoon Leader & XO. Left K Troop for short period to become Troop Commander of I Troop. Rotated out of K Troop. Was not honored to accompany K Troop to Vietnam.

Alvin M. Elkins
Norman Park, Georgia

Just trying to make contact with some of the guy's that I served with from Dec. 68 to July 69 in Nam. Hope to hear from someone.

Gary Henry
Knoxville, TN


Dec. '67-'68 37th Medic Great site

Jim Claeys
Cuyahoga Falls, OH


Nice site! Interesting to hear the audios. I was with 4th Inf Div at Pleiku-An Khe in 1969-70. WANTED: Audio recordings of Vietnam radio traffic, fire missions, firefights, incoming, cockpit tapes, AFVN, etc. Also camcorder revisit footage to the Central Highlands. I have lots of same and can email my lists. Thanks!

April Pickral
Richardson, Texas


As you all know, I am the daughter of Ollie Pickral and this is the first time I have seen the website. Bob Hersey, you have done an excellent job! I have the upmost respect for this organization and all the soldiers that have served under the 11th Amored Cavalry. Allons!

Ray Williamson
Colfax Ca.


I served in I Troop 11 Armored Cav. Fort Skelley Regensburg Germany from Aug. 1961 to Mar. 1964 I was a tank gunner Spc/5. We did border duty on the German/Chez. border.

Dale R. Sabine
Gorham, Maine


Thank you brother Bob, here's the words I wrote the night we entered Iraq.

"Our Brightest Flame"

Young men and women standing tall, On fields of battle bonding,
Terror made the towers fall, And now they are responding,

I learned so many years ago, How close they'll grow to be,
While loosing many friends they know, The cost to keep us free,

They are the hero's of our day, And bear no blame for war,
Their very life, the price some pay, Let's not forget whom for,

So if you think the war is wrong, Do not on them, lay blame,
Because of them we are strong, They are, Our brightest flame,

"DRS 2003" Dedicated to: All who serve our nation in this war on terror. Dale R. Sabine 12/13/03 K-Trp. 3/11th ACR 1967

Paul Cameron
Ste. Genevieve, Missouri


Hey Bob! Just wanted to say 'Hi' and thank you for updating my email address. A young man from York University (Canada)surfed onto your site and was struck by my photo on 'Contributors'. He's a film student and asked me permission to use my photo for his 20-minute short film. Now the film is ciculating film festivals. My photo is used as a framed photo of one character in the film who is away in Vietnam during 1969. I get about 10 seconds of fame in the film. Isn't that a hoot? Anyway, keep up the good work on the web page. Paul

Caleb Brooks Miracle
Lakeland, FL


C trp 2nd plt Oct '68 Oct '69 Sgt "Sgt Slim" was on Sheridans "cherry berry" canary cage.

Viola B. Nathan
Denver, CO


Ex-wife --- of Edward Brown Jr

Gary Stafford
Cincinnati, OH


I was in Vietnam March 1967 through March 1968 - HQ Troop.

Patricia Schmidt
Dautphetal/Holzhausen near Giessen, Germany


WHO CAN HELP ME ?  To update our family tree I'm looking for help.  I'm searching for Information of a former soldier, stationed in Bad Hersfeld, Germany in the period from about 1958 to about 1961 at the Mc Pheeters Barracks 3rd Squad 14th Armed Cavalery.  The only Information I have is the last name " HUITT " and his adress after April 1961 was probably somewhere in the State of Kentucky (possibly Fort Knox).  I would appreciate all the Information that I can get if possible and a short answer.

Thank you very much Patricia Schmidt.
My E-Mail adress is: n.u.p.schmidt@t-online.de

John T. Trujillo
Byron, CA


Went to Nam on August 23, 1966 by boat. Made it back after 1 year and 1 day.  We were mortared on the day I was supposed to fly out, so delayed.  Have a few pictures of good friends, like Roybal, Seanz, fields, etc. Would like to hear from any K Troop personnel.

David Cepler
Baldwin, NY


Great pictures, fond memories. Please visit our DiehardEngineer.com website and see our First Engineers photo gallery. David Cepler, XO, HHC 1st Engineers, 1969-70

David A. Horn
Topeka, Kansas


Served in Bad Hersfeld from 72 till 75. Operated Radar on all three OP'S. Great site.

Dale R. Sabine
Gorham, Maine


God bless you all, who stood with me then and who stands for us now. Dale R. Sabine K-Trp 3rd Plt. 3/11 ACR 67

Editor's Note: Good to hear from you again - my K Troop buddy.  I couldn't have said it better.
Bob Hersey

Danny Moreno
Culver City, California


Ed Bagley, Jr.
Gardiner, Maine


Great web site and so huge. Loved the photos in the gallery and what a great tribute to the fallen heros of K Troop. Ed

Frederick J Scheffler
Bainbridge Island,WA


I was the Air Cav Scout Plt leader in '69. Reading through your website and looking at the pictures brought back a lot of memories. It is hard to believe that it is 36 years ago. Great web page. It is a real tribute to a fine unit.

Chris redman


GREAT SITE!! Thanks for sharing the Generals funeral with us. As a former trooper of the BLACKHORSE,(86-88),CTROOP1/11,I take great pride in having served in this storied regiment!I have much respect for our troopers who have served in combat with the regiment!ALLONS!!!!SCOUTS OUT!!!!

Stephen H. Bligh
Rochester, NY


K-Troop 7/70 - 1/71 Medic. Hope all you guys are doing well. Don't forget your salt tablets.

Derry, New Hampshire


Welcome Home! The Other Casualty Of War Pauley. http://home.comcast.net/~paulbylin/index.html Derry New Hampshire USA

Steve Sumsky
Olympia, Washington


Does anyone have the author John Votaw's address, phone number or email? I would like to write to him! Thank You! Steve Sumsky

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