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Friday, January 17, 1969

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  I hope that everything is alright with you.   Things here are great.  They couldn't be better (in Vietnam, that is).   We are now at Bien Hoa.  We got here the day before yesterday and as before, we are airlifting the chow out to the field.  Right now, Dave and one of our new cooks are out in the field.  They come in Tuesday and then Quinn and I go out for a week.  Then, two more of our cooks go out.

We have six cooks - two in the filed and four back here.  This means one week in the field and two weeks at Bien Hoa.  I have just figured it out and if everything goes alright, I will have three more weeks of field duty.  After the 11th of March, I will not go out in the field but stay in the trains area.  It is a troop policy that anyone with 30 days or less will not go to the field.  So, it looks as if my field days are limited.  This, of course, is only if everything goes according to our present mission.  If our mission changes and we have to go with the troop then I will have no choice.  From all indications, this mission is suppose to last well over 90 days. 

So far, on this operation, K Troop has lost two ACAVs to mines.  Fortunately, no one has been killed but one of my real good buddies was seriously wounded.  As of yet, the troop has not made any contact - only mines.  This has been the story of K Troop.

I received your letter, Ma of the 11th of January and you said that you have not received a letter from me for some time.  By the time you receive this letter you should have about three letters and two packages.  I realize that I did not write during the AGI inspections but I was really quite busy.  Your couldn't possibly believe how busy I was.  I was working almost around the clock getting only three and four hours of sleep a night.  Believe me, there are a lot of problems in being a Mess Sargent and running a mess hall, especially in Vietnam.

We did all right as far as the AGI inspection went.  I realize that you were worried as a result of my not writing but please, try not to worry.  If you do not hear from me for any great length of time it's due to two things.  One, I'm working too hard and two, I'm in a place like Bien Hoa and I am enjoying myself too much - going to the club, movies, downtown and so on.  So please, don't worry about me.  I am fine and feeling great.  If something should happen to me, like getting wounded, you would receive word within 24 hours after I became a casualty.  So, don't assume that something has happened to me just because you don't hear from me for a few days.

Please bare with me in these final days here.  Believe me, it is almost impossible to write at times.  Now that things are back to normal, I will write more often.   I have been receiving your letters regularly as well as everyone else's letters.   Keep them coming as I look forward to hearing from you.

Well, I think I will go down to the NCO club and have a few drinks.  So take care and I will write again soon.

By for now!


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