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Friday, July 12, 1968
88 degrees - clear

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  I realize that it has been a few days since my last letter but I have been quite busy these past few days.  By now you no doubt have received my last tape.  I will make another one soon - perhaps from Long Binh.  We leave here in five more days for the 56th Artillery Support Base just across the highway from Long Binh Post.   We will be there for about 10 days like before.  Our mission will be the same .  I am really looking forward to it.  It will be good to get back there and go swimming again.  Now that I'm 21, I will be able to go to the 21 club and get some hard stuff.

Things at this end of the world are going great.  Of course, we are working as hard as ever.  There is a lull in the war.  This is the longest lull since I have been here.  Very little action throughout the Republic.

When I said I have been kept busy what I was referring to were the parties that we have had to cater to.  The day before yesterday we had a party of the Regimental Colonel and I'm back in the cake decorating business again.  So far I have decorated about eight cakes.  Of course, it's harder here to do cakes but it's not impossible and I enjoy doing them.  I only have one complaint.  Our powdered sugar gets damp and the lumps get stuck in the tube.

As far as the troop goes, we have a new First Sergeant and also a new Squadron Commander.  A lot of new faces around here.  Last night, one of my buddies here got a hold of some stag films so we had a show in the hooch last night.  We had half the troop here.  We sat and drank beer and had a good time.

Well, Dave Mansir goes on R&R next month.  He's going to Hong Kong.  I am going to take my R&R sometime around November of December.  I would like to go to Australia.  Australia being in the Southern hemisphere has their summer during our winter.  So it will be nice then.  An R&R is for 6 days.  I know that it's pretty far away but I am looking forward to it.  All in all, there are nine R&R spots.  The one R&R spot in country in Vung Tau on the coast.  I will probably get there first.  We are authorized one R&R in country and one out of country.

Enclosed in this letter you will find 20 Peastas (worth about 20 cents).  I thought that you might get a kick our seeing some Vietnamese money.  Well, it's getting on to 11:00 AM and I must go to work.  So, until I write again, take care of yourselves.

By for now!


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