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Monday, July 21, 1968
12:45 PM
94 degrees - cloudy

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, I am writing this letter from Long Binh Post.  We got here yesterday noon.  So far things are quiet here.  As you no doubt heard, Saigon is suppose to come under another attack - perhaps in the next couple of days.  As before, we are here for road security and to act as reactionary forces in the event Saigon comes under attack.  We are due to go back to Blackhorse the 30th of July and then move out the 15th of August on a 90 operation somewhere.

Things are going good here.  I went to the 21 club last night and had a few drinks.  This afternoon, I am going swimming at the pool.  We always have a lot of fun when we come here.  Right now the war seems so far away.  It's always peaceful and quiet here and we always hate to leave.  I'm so glad to here that you sent the package with my slide viewer and range-finder.  It should be here any day now. 

There is something that I wish you would send as soon as possible.  They are: two rolls of Kodachrome II color slide 20 exposure film (without processing) and two mailers for processing for Kodachrome II color slide film for 36 exposures.  I hope that I made this clear.  You see, I have two rolls of Kodachrome II slide film - 36 exposure so I bought two mailer for them but they are for 20 exposures so now I have two rolls of 36 exposure films and two mailer for 20 exposures.  I need two mailers for 36 and two films of 20 for my two mailers.  Then you send the film, make sure they do not include processing as I have the mailers.  I hope that I got this straight and be sure to put on the package "Unexposed Film".  This way, they won't Xray the package.

Other than that I don't need anything else.  Once I get my film situation straightened out I will be better off.  Right now I am so mixed up because I have so many different type of film.  If you have not sent any film as of yet here is what I need beside what I just mentioned.  I need two mailer for Tri-X Pan b&w, one Plus-X Pan b&w and of course, is you could send any other film I would appreciate it.   Be sure the processing is included.  Be sure to put "Contents, Unexposed Film" on the package.

So far I have received five films back from Kodak and all came out beautifully.  I really have quite a few slides.  I know you will find them interesting when I bring them home.

Well, it's getting late in the afternoon and I would like to go swimming.  So, I will say so long from Vietnam. 

By for now!


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