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Wednesday, July 31, 1968
11:30 AM
84 degrees - cloudy

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, here it is - payday.  By this time you will have my allotment check for $200.  Please inform me of my bank balance.   I might very well be getting a raise.  I went before the E-5 board the day before yesterday and now I must wait for official word as to whether I made it or not.   I did pretty will, I think.  I should have word shortly.  This will mean a little more money.  I will probably keep my $200 allotment the same.  The money I draw here is not enough.  I am pretty pleased about having a chance for E-5.   Now, I wait.

Things are going good here.  In a few more days we will probably move up North.   What lies ahead for the next 90 days is unknown to me.  There are so many rumors as to what we will be doing and where.  Actually, I am not worried about it.   They say we are going to expect to make some contact.  I certainly hope not but we probably will.  I am no stranger to enemy contact.  It worries me a little but I don't get too scared.  I hope we remain as lucky as we have been.

Oh well, after this operation I will be short.  The time should go by pretty fast.   Dave goes on R&R next month.  He's going to Hong Kong.  I'm going to wait until November or December and go to Sydney, Australia.  It will be right at the height of summer.  Australia is about the cheapest of the R&R spots.

(Editor's note:  the next two paragraphs are redacted for privacy.)

Well, I will have to sign off now and get my pay.  This month, I will get a raise of about $15 and next month, if I make Spec. E-5, it will mean more money.  So, until my next letter. Take care.

By for now!


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