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   Friday, March 21, 1969

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  By the time you receive this letter I hope that I will be back at Blackhorse.  At the moment, I find myself in the "boondocks" but I am not alone.  The whole mess hall is in the field.   The same shit as when I first came here as you will remember.  I guess history is repeating itself.

We are at Harper's Ferry which is a fire support base.  It's only four "clicks" (kilometers) from Holiday Inn.  We moved from Bien Hoa about three days ago.  We first thought that we would be going to Lai Kai with the squadron trains.  Our CO decided that if the troop was set up here at Harper's Ferry he could have the mess hall with him so that he could get three hot meals a day.

Believe me, we are working our asses off.  Cooking three meals a day is a son-of-a-bitch.  And, to top it off, I am running the whole show again by myself.   Our Mess Sargent goes to Long Binh everyday to pick up rations and he doesn't get back until late.  So this leaves me here to run things. 

I don't know when I will be going in to base camp.  I would like to go in on the first of April and most likely, I will.  That means ten more days in the field providing we stay here that long.  Talk is that after this operation we (the mess hall) will be going back to Bien Hoa. 

You might have been hearing a lot of the 11th Cav lately.  We are in the news again.  We have been getting quite a high body count.  Just this morning, we had a VC walk up to our perimeter and give himself up.  Two days ago we had another VC (editor's note:  the term VC is here substituted for derogatory slang) surrender not too far from here.  So, we have been catching a lot of "shit" lately.

Dave is back at base camp.  He leaves the 25th.  He didn't come with us on this operation.  We left him back at Bien Hoa when we moved out.  I began to miss him the day we left.  I got kind of use to seeing his ugly face around but I'm glad for him that he's on his way home.  I gave him our address and phone number.  He said that he would try to stop and say hello.   I hope he gets the chance because I know that you will like him.  I will take a run down to see him when I get home.

As of yet I don't know exactly what day I will be home on.  I should know in a couple of days.  I don't think that my extension is going to go through.  I haven't heard anything yet.

Well, things are going well so don't worry.  I will see you in a couple of weeks.   Take care.

By for now!


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