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Photo On My Stationery

Friday, May 17, 1968
11:00 AM
92 degrees - partly cloudy

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, I'm back to using my old stationery.  I ran out of the other.  We are still in the field and at the same location as when I wrote last.  I don't know how much longer we will stay here but there are rumors that we will be going back to Blackhorse soon.

Things are going good for me.  I'm working hard but getting plenty of rest.   There is nothing to do here in the field except work and just lounge around - read perhaps and write letters.  We cook two meals a day - breakfast and supper so we have about five hours between them to relax and write letters.

We get up at 5:30 in the morning and cook breakfast by 6:30.  Supper is at 6:30 PM.  when we get cleaned up from supper I generally go right to bed.  I really enjoy my sleep.  The war has quieted down considerably.  We haven't been engaged in any action for the past week.  When I say we, I mean the troop and not me.   The troop does the fight, I do the cooking.

The "trains" area very rarely comes under attack.  I don't mean to cause you any unnecessary worry by my letters.  I couldn't be safer. For me, there is very little danger here.  So please don't worry.  I'm with the best outfit in Vietnam.  I wouldn't want to be with any other.  These guys know their job and do it well.

Well, in two more weeks it will be another pay day and another $200 will be coming your way.  In your letter you said my bank balance was over a thousand dollars.  By the time I get to the "world" I should have a good start when I get out.  A new car and perhaps a down payment on a new home in a few years might be possible.   Boy, it will be good to get back to the world.  This place is nice but the world is better.

I am receiving your mail regularly.  The last letter was yours Mom of Saturday evening, May 10th and yours Dad also of the 10th.  They both came yesterday.   It's good of you to write so often.  I look forward to mail-call every day hoping there is a letter.

I'm still enjoying my recorder despite the dirt and dust it is still in beautiful condition.  Well, I will sign off now.  Take care of yourselves.

By for now!


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