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Sunday, May 26, 1968
10:00 AM
93 degrees - clear

Dear Mom & Dad,

Well, here I am in another location and having a ball to boot.  We moved yesterday morning.  I realize that it has been a few days since I have written because at that last location we were quite busy fixing three meals a day but here, we are back to two - breakfast and supper.  So, I have more time to write.  So please don't worry about me if you don't get a letter for a few days because we are just moving around or perhaps cooking three meals a day.

Yesterday evening I receive two letters from you , one from Steve and one from Wayne Vetter in Bear Cat.  Your two letters were the ones that had the newspaper clipping, Dad, of Paul Reardon.  I was surprised to say the least.  I had heard that they were calling up Reservists and apparently they got around to New Hampshire.  To think he joined the Reserves just to avoid active duty.  He would have been better off to have volunteered for the draft.  According to the clipping is sounded as if they might be coming over here.  Christ, we would really have a reunion what with me and Wayne here and Butch Aubertine up in Da Nang.  There are a lot of local boys over here. 

Wayne Vetter answered my letter yesterday.  It was good to hear from him.  He is only about 5 miles from where I am here.  I would like to see him.  He says he doesn't like it where he is because there are inspections, etc.  He should spend four months at a time in the field.  He would be glad to stand inspections. 

I am going to make this letter short because I an anxious to get to the swimming pool for a dip.  That's right, just inside the gate is the EM club and the swimming pool.   We are set up right outside the gate of Long Binh post here in Long Binh.  You shouldn't have any trouble finding that on your map.

Things are starting to look up.  I had laundry done yesterday for the first time in three weeks and I got drunk last night for the first time in three weeks, too.  I had the most fun last night since I have been here in Vietnam.  these guys are great guys.  They're a lot of fun to be with.  This is the best I have felt in a long while.  I am really happy here so please, don't worry about me.  If you could only be here and see what I am doing, you wouldn't worry at all.  I am a lot safer here than probably in the States what with those race riots and all.  It's really funny.  There's more violence there than here.

Actually, the war is quieted down considerably.  We are what they call reactionary forces.  We are staying around the Saigon area in case something happens again.   In that last Saigon attack, we got a body count of 43 and we didn't loose a man.   How's that?  Pretty good, huh?  Well, I think I will sign off now.   I would like to get in to the pool.

By for now!


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