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Friday, May 3, 1968
11:00 AM

Dear Mom & Dad,

Just a brief note to let you know that I am well and fine.  I'm still in the field.  I don't know when we will be getting back to Blackhorse.  We have been getting rain every day and it's getting quite muddy.  We moved from our last location at the 1st Infantry Div. base camp at Phu Loi and set up out in the field.  Here there is nothing - no latrines, no showers, no PX or anything.  We are quite away from civilization and things here are kind of lively.

We are attached to another infantry division and these guys are as jumpy as hell.   Every time an artillery round goes out they all dive for the bunkers.  Just yesterday we had a scare.  A couple of guys brought back some M-79 rounds that they found outside the perimeter.  Charlie had booby-trapped them and one went off about 100 meters from our mess truck.  It got four guys.  They called for a "dust off" (medical evacuation helicopter) and flew them to the hospital.  When the round went off, everybody thought it was a mortar round.  It took me about seven seconds to get to the bunker.  I never ran so fast in all my life.  (editors note: two sentences redacted out of respect for the wounded).  Fortunately, none of the four were seriously wounded.  I got some pictures of the evacuation.

Actually we have been fortunate being here not to have made contact.  I don't know what the war reports stateside are but things are pretty quiet here.  Just occasional contact here and there.  As of yet, I have seen no evidence of Charlie in this area.   (editor's note:  four sentences redacted because of mistaken information)

Enclosed in this letter are two money orders each for $100.  Put this money on my bank book.  Next month my allotment will take effect and you will get my money directly from the government.  Write me periodically and let me know what my bank balance is.  It might help to build my morale.  Somehow all this doesn't seem so bad when I stop and think of the money I am saving.  I can only say that I am looking forward to the day when I can spend it.

I am going to cut this letter short because I have to go cook the supper meal.   Say hello to everyone for me and tell Dick I will write him as soon as we get back to base camp when I will have more time.

By for now!


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