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Letter  of Commendation

This "Letter Of Commendation" dated January 21, 1969 was given to me by Major Thomas R. Middaugh, Commanding, K Troop, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment.  I knew him as Captain Middaugh and as an outstanding commander.  I am proud to have served under his command.


APO San Francisco 96257

21 January 1969        

SUBJECT:    Letter Of Commendation

SP5 Robert A. Hersey
K Troop, 3d Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
APO 96257

1.   On the occasion of my departure from K Troop, I wish to take this opportunity to briefly yet formally commend you for your outstanding contribution to K Troop, 3d SQ, 11th ACR.

2.   During my tenure of command, I was witness to a great transformation within K Troop, most notably culminated by the magnificent results of the AGI on 7 January 1969.

3.   This transition or growing process was not automatic, did not come without transcending hardship and obstacle and could not have resulted without much hard work, considerable loyalty, tremendous devotion to duty and active participation in a team effort with an unyielding will to do better.

4.   I particularly cite you for your efforts, for you, in a key position of leadership and responsibility, were able to spark those under you in such a way as to strengthen the team and insure this success, particularly in the AGI.

5.   The pride which you feel has been justly wrought as it should for every man in K Troop.  It is in keeping with the highest and most remembered traditions of the military service and will surely lead to continued success on the battlefield.

6.   A copy of this correspondence will be placed in your 201 file.

                                                    Thomas R. Middaugh
                                                    Major Armor
                                                    S3 Officer



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