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Sunday, November 10, 1968
151 days (Short !!)

Editor's note:  After Bob Press was killed, my letter writing deteriorated.   I wrote some letters and left off the date.  This letter I mistakenly dated as November 10th.  It was actually written November 11th, Veterans Day.  The penmanship deteriorated as well and I was careless about spelling.   In hindsight I attribute this to the loss of Bob but also the more frequent enemy contact.  The war for me, was heating up.

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  I realize that I have been neglecting my letter writing, lately.  I have been quite busy.  If it isn't one thing it's another.  I no sooner get in from the field and I'm right back out again.  I am writing this letter from the trains at Long Binh.

It's now Monday, the 11th.  I didn't get as much written yesterday as I wanted to.   I am still at Long Binh but I will be going out to the field this afternoon by myself and I will be back on Thursday.  This will probably be my last time in the field on this operation but I know that I've said that once or twice before.

The reason that I didn't get any more of this letter written yesterday was because Larry Blumenstock asked me if I wanted to go to Saigon with him.  Naturally, I said sure.  So I spent yesterday afternoon in Saigon.  It was great.  I spent a few dollars on some goodies.

Several days ago, I put in for a second R&R to Bangkok but it was turned down by my First Sargent.  He said that I should try again in January.  So, in January I will probably be going back to Bangkok but I have decided not to see the same girl that I saw last time.  I wrote to her yesterday and told her that I would not be writing to her anymore.  I would like to go back to Bangkok again.  It was great fun.

I have been receiving quite a lot of mail lately from people that I don't even know.   Two letters came from girls, single and young, who wanted me to write to them.   I wrote them both the other day and thanked them for their letters.  Another letter came from a married lady and I got a Christmas card from my old high school English teacher, Mrs. Jones.  So, my mail situation is getting better.  Perhaps I will look these two girls up when I get home.  One is 20 and single from Eliot and another is 23, single and a nurse in Methuen, Massachusetts who lives in North Hampton.  So, who knows?  Maybe I've got something going.

You mentioned that you were making a Christmas package to send me.  There are very few things that I need or could use as my storage facilities are quite limited.  I would however, like to have an electronic flash gun for my camera.  We can not get them here.  Perhaps some magazines, etc. but nothing special.  The greatest Christmas present is the one you can give me the 11th of April.  We can celebrate my 21st birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all in one big party.

Today, Veterans day, I have been in Vietnam seven months.  Time has really gone by fast.  We have got two new cooks in and they both have over 300 days left.  Man, am I short!  Let me tell you, it feels great.  Things are going great for me.   I'm happy as hell about everything.  Everything is going well.  We have two more cooks, the troop in the field is getting a body count and the war is going our way, a little.

Well, I must get this in the mail.

By for now!


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