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Monday, October 28, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  As before, I am writing to you from Long Binh.   I made an audio tape the day before yesterday and as of yet I haven't mailed it.   I will mail it with this letter tomorrow.  So, don't pay any attention to the date that I made it.

We are still at Long Binh and we will be here until around the first of December.   This is the trains area while the Troop is operating around Phou Loi.  It's the same operation as when we were at Bien Hoa only instead we are located at Long Binh.

There is a good chance that I might not be going out to the field on this operation.   It looks as if I will be taking over the mess hall in a couple of weeks.   Barney has not left yet but he is going.  I guess he is no longer the Mess Sargent because Foster has taken over the mess.  Foster is going in to Base Camp around the 20th of November.  He has only about 45 days left in the Army so if we don't get another Mess Sargent before he goes it looks as if I will be taking over until we get one.

Foster has started to show me the paperwork so that I can take over.  I hope we get another Mess Sargent because I don't want the responsibility.  It's too much work.  We will just have to wait and see.  After this operation, we will be going back to Base Camp for about one month for an I.G. inspection.

I can't wait until Christmas.  After Christmas, I will be so short - almost under 90 days.  As of today, I have 165 days and a wakeup.  My short time calendar is getting filled up.  Time is going by so fast it's unreal.  That R&R did the trick.  It was just what I needed. 

Things aren't going very well here, as far as the war goes.  We had our first man killed in the troop since I got here.  He was in the 3rd Platoon.  He just got over here about a month ago.  I didn't really know him but from what I heard, he was a pretty nice guy.  I haven't had any of my buddies killed but a couple were hurt pretty bad a while back.  A couple of friends of mine went to the states.  I think I told you about 2-0 (Two Zero).  It hit a mine a while ago.  This guy that got killed also hit a mine.  He was driving 3-3 (Three Three).  He's the only one that was injured on the track.  It's really too bad.  It doesn't help the morale any.  It worries a lot of guys.

Things are going better for me.  I have no complaints.  Well, it's getting late and I will sign off for now.

By for now!


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