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Saturday, October 5, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  We just had mail call and there was no letter.   I did receive two things from Lucy -  a can of cheese sticks and a can of salami.  She's really a character.  Why doesn't anybody send me things that I need?  I get too much food as it is.  Please tell everyone I don't need food.  

There are only a few things that I really need right now, anyway.  So, if you want to make a package I could use; "C" batteries (12), Magic Markers (3), magazines and anything else you might want to put into it.  I have enough film for a while so I don't need any film, except for one roll of Ektachrome color slide 20 exposures without the processing included and I do not need the mailer.  I some how have an extra one.

I don't need any blank audio tapes as I have enough of them.  I will be sending along some more slides as soon as I can get to the Post Office.  Most of them were taken at the EM club in Bien Hoa.  Some are also of the offensive combat assault operations conducted around Phou Loi when the squadron trains was at Bien Hoa.  Also, the air lift operation is on one roll of slides.  The reason I'm sending these along is because I have 11 boxes of slides and they take up too much room and when I get back from R&R I will have quite a few from Bangkok.

I will make a commentary on a tape like I did before and please don't show these to anyone.  I'll be home in six months and I would like to show them myself.

I wrote you yesterday and asked for $100.  No doubt you have already received the previous letter in which I asked for the money but I thought that I would remind you again because I don't plan on coming back from R&R with any money left.

Well, that's about it for now.

By for now!


PS  Please send me an address book with everybody's address so I can write someone as I am not getting any mail.

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