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Tuesday, September 24, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Things are about the same here.  We are still at Tan Son Nhut.  We will probably be here for about 30 more days.  After here, we are suppose to go back to Blackhorse to have an I.G. inspection.  By that time, the rainy season will be over and we will probably go on more offensive operations.

Well, I got your package today with the range finder, film and audio tapes - thanks.   The range finder is just perfect.  I really like it.  It fits perfectly on top of the camera where the flash attachment goes.  All I need now is a flash attachment.

Just for kicks, price an electronic flash attachment that fits cameras with a cord outlet.  I am thinking about buying a new 35mm camera - a Yashicha Electra 35.   It sells for about $49 here.  It's a beautiful camera.  An electronic flash would be perfect on this type of camera.  It's almost impossible to find a flash attachment here in the PXs for any type of camera.  I think I will wait until I go on R&R and see what I can pick up in Bangkok. 

By now you probably have received my letter requesting the $300, film and clothes.   If by chance you haven't sent them yet, please do not insure the package as this might delay it and I might not get it in time.  I go on R&R the 18th of October.   I will probably go to Base Camp four days prior to reporting to Camp Alpha at Tan Son Nhut.  From Camp Alpha I will catch a jet to Bangkok.  So, I am just counting the days now to my R&R. 

You can't possibly know how happy I am knowing that next month I can forget about Vietnam and the war for five fun filled days.  I have heard so much about Bangkok that I can't wait to go.  We might possibly be back at Base Camp by the 18th so I might have enough time to have my khakis cleaned and pressed. 

There are two other guys from K Troop who are going with me so we will have one hell of a time.  It will be great to do the things that I haven't done for so long a time, like put on some civilian clothes and to go to the bathroom on a real toilette, to take a hot bath and eat off China with real forks and to sleep in a real bed.  All of these things I haven't done since I got here.  It's surprising how little a man can survive on when he has to. 

All the things which you do so easily we find so very difficult.  To take a bath, all you have to do is fill the tub with water but for me it's a little more difficult.   First, I have to hunt up the shower bag.  Then, I have to find a tree to hang it on.  Then, I have to carry the bag to the water trailer and fill up the bag and then hoist it up the tree and then I have to hurry before all the water runs out.   Sometime, I think it's easier to stay dirty.  So, you see, things you find easy we find hard but I'm not complaining.  It could be a lot harder.  In a way, I kind of enjoy this life.  I am proving to myself that I can live on the bare necessities - to get along without all the luxuries.  The "Lifers" have a word for it - "hardcore".  So, I guess in a way, I am getting "hardcore".  Oh no, I hope I'm not turning into a "Lifer".

This is an experience in my life that I won't soon forget.  It will make me appreciate a lot more the life I will lead when I get home.  It's not everyone that has a chance to fight in a war.  No one can possibly know what it's like.  I am proud to be a member of such a great fighting team like we have here.  There is nothing that can tear into my pride more than to read in the newspapers about the dissension that exists in our country today.  There are those who say that this is the wrong war, at the wrong time and the wrong place but was there "ever" a right war at the right time at the right place?

No one can understand what we are trying to do here unless they can be here to see for themselves.  The facts are simple.  We are at war and we need "everyone's" support.  This is a lonely war and unless we know that there are people at home who care, the war will grow more lonely.  Today, we received a package with Kool-Aid in it.  It was addressed to K Troop 3/11th ACR and it was from "the good people of Michigan".  Somebody evidently heard about us and thought that they should do something for us.  A box of Kool-Aid is very inexpensive but to these guys here is was a treasure like gold and jewels.  It's little things like this that let us know that people care.

Well, I out did myself on this letter.  I will be developing writer's cramp if I write any more.  So I will sing off for now and say thanks for everything.

By for now!


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