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Sunday, Sept.  8, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam!  Well, we are STILL here at Bien Hoa and I'm enjoying it as much as always.  However, tomorrow is my turn to go to the field.   I will be out there four days or until Friday morning.  Dave is out there now and he will come in tomorrow.  We are only sending one cook out at a time until one of our cooks gets back from R&R.

Dad, I just received your letter of September 2nd.  I'm so glad you received my slides and tapes all right and I want you to know that I don't mind if you show them to aunt Ede and uncle Frank but please - no one else.  I'm glad that Barbara had a chance to see them and I'm glad that she had such a nice visit.  She was no doubt glad to get away from Florida for the summer.

Well, things are gong well here.  I just got back from the EM club and they had a pretty good band.  I shot two rolls of film.   Oh, buy the way, I could use some more film and please be sure that the mailers are enclosed with them.  Send as many as you can afford.  You can send some more blank tapes as I can always find time to say a few words.  As I told you before, I was a little short of cash this month and I asked you to send $30.  Then I asked you for an additional $20 making a total of $50.  If you haven't sent the $50 yet, lease send it as soon as possible.

Next month I should get my Spec./5 pay which will help out a little more.  In your next letter I would appreciate it if you mentioned what my bank balance is.  Well, as of today, I have 216 days and a wakeup left.  It won't be long and I will break the 200 mark.  Time is going by fast but not fast enough.  Oh well, things are going fine and I can't complain so until I write again, I will say . . . .

By for now!


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