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Sunday, February 16, 1969
55 days and a wake-up

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  It's Sunday morning here and things are quiet.   Of course, we are still here at Bien Hoa.  Tet starts today.  All the Vietnamese have four days off so we are without KPs.  The PX is closed for four days along with the club.  So, things are really going to be quiet here for the next four days.

Did I tell you that I saw Phil Orlando.  He's the guy in B Troop.  He said that you sent him a Christmas card.  He also knew that I was here but this is the first time we have been at the same location at the same time.  B Troop was moved here at Bien Hoa for Tet.  They are suppose to provide us with security in case of an offensive.  Phil is also a cook.  He was in the line platoon for six months and then they made him a cook.  He goes home in May.  He's not quite as short as me.   It was good to see him and to talk to somebody from home.  He has changed a lot since I saw him last back at high school.  Then of course, I guess we all have changed.  He has a mustache.  So I guess that makes a difference.

I received a letter from the Pacific Exchange Service and my order for my T.V., radio, etc. has been filled and is on it's way to you.  It should get there in about 30 days, so let me know as soon as it arrives.

As of yet, I don't have any orders.  I guess it's a little to early.  I am kind of anxious to see where I will be going.  I most likely will get a 30 day leave and believe me, I can't wait to take it.

The weather here lately has been great - blue skies everyday with temperatures in the 90s.  Just the way I like it.  Really, this weather is nice.  I will probably freeze my ass off when I get home.  That's why I want to spend at least the first two weeks in Florida so I can gradually get accustomed to the weather back there.   Florida should be nice in April.

Boy, will it be great to go to the beach again.  The only swimming I have done here was at the 56th Artillery Base and that wasn't much.  It will be great to get back to wearing civilian clothes again and get out of these jungle fatigues and jungle boots.  This has been a long war for me.  Anyway, it's hard to believe that it is almost over.  I have seen a lot of things here in the past 10 months - things that you wouldn't believe, things that you couldn't possibly understand.

It's almost funny when I look at this country and see the things that go on around here.  Boy, will I have a lot of war stories to tell you when I get home.  Of course, none of them will be true.  Ha, ha.

Dave wants to say hello and be reminded to you.  When Dave and I get back to the world we are really going to raise hell so warn the world to look out for us because we are "bad".

Well, so long and take care.

By for now!


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