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Monday, February 3, 1969
68 Days and a "wakeup"

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings one again from Vietnam.  This will be a short note to let you know that things are alright and going good.  I am, at the moment, at Bien Hoa.  I will be going back to the field in about two weeks for a week.  I only have two more times left in the field, providing that we stay on this operation.

Tet is coming in a few more days and we expect to get hit pretty hard here.  We are starting to brace ourselves for the expected offensive.  Last year, Bien Hoa got hit pretty hard so we can only wait and see what Tet will bring this year.

I am glad that you received my books and tape.  I got the slides I took Christmas day at base camp back today.  They came out good.  As of yet, I have not received the new Playboy.  I'm anxious to see it.  I guess you are not through with it yet, Dad?

Again, last night, I went to down to *Barney's.  I had a good time.  Since Barney has left Blackhorse he is a changed man.  I guess he's a pretty good guy if you don't have to work with him or for him.  We had steak and french fries.   Real nice.  Believe me, this is the only way to fight a war - from a bar stool.  But really, things are going good and I'm feeling great.  So I will see you in 68 days.

By for now!


* Barney is Specialist 6 Barnes who was K Troop's first cook and at times, acting mess sergeant.  In the photo link, Barney is far right pointing at the cameraman.  Barney was from England, having served in the British Army before coming to the US.  I don't remember him being from England but several people, one of whom is Tom McConnell, have written to tell me that Barney was indeed from England. 

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