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Monday, January 13, 1969

(Editor's note:  This letter was type written)

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  I am typing this letter from the Mess Sargent's office.  Things here are going well.  I'm getting "short" - 88 days left today.  We are going back out to the filed either tomorrow or the next day.  We don not know for sure.  The troop will be going up North.   However, the trains area will be at Bien Hoa.  We will be airlifting the chow out to the field like we did on the operation before we came into base camp.

I don't particularly like this type of operation because it is too much work in the field trying to cook breakfast.  It is great while we are back at the trains area but it is hell out in the field.  I don't know yet if I will be going out to the field or not.  I am presently assistant Mess Sargent so if this means anything, their will be a greater need for me at the trains.  At present, we now have five cooks plus myself and the Mess Sargent.  We acquired two OJT (on the job trainees) cooks from the line platoons.  One was a mechanic and the other was a machine gunner on an ACAV.   So, as far as the mess personnel go, we are "up tight".

Dave is the next cook to go home and then me.  Of course, Dave only leaves two weeks before me so when he goes, I will really be short.  Being down at Bien Hoa on this type of operation my time should go by real fast.  This is one thing that I am thankful for.  The Bien Hoa area is real nice and there is a lot to do there - clubs, movies, swimming pools, etc.  From what we understand, the troop is going up to An Loc.  I have never been up there so I don't know what to expect.  Dave and another cook are going out for the first week then Risden and one of our new guys are going out for one week.  So then I might be going of for a week myself.  I really don't know yet.  It doesn't matter to me.  I don't mid it out in the field very much.

Today I went to the post office and mailed two packages to you.  One package contained two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Photography which were sent to me here and the other package contains an 8mm movie editor that I bought from a guy for two bucks.   When they arrive, just put them up in my room and I will take care of them when I get home.

I guess I told you in one of my letters that I finally received the $50 money order that you sent on the 4th of December.  I also received the $450 money orders and have already placed my order through the PX.  While I am down at Bien Hoa, I will most likely be sending a few more things on home.  They have some great souvenir shops there and I would like to pick up a few silk shirts and maybe a smoking jacket.

We have a new commanding officer.  He came in to the troop today.  He is a captain and he has been over here before with the 101st Airborne Div.  Our old commanding officer made major so he is no longer with us.  He has gone to regiment.

Since the IG inspection has been over I have been working nights in the mess hall doing all of the baking.  This works out great as I only work about three hours a night and have the whole next day off.  However, this will change when we go to Bien Hoa.   I am really looking forward to going to Bien Hoa as I am getting fed up with this place.  Base camp is getting worse than a stateside duty station.  A lot of "chicken shit". 

I probably will not see base camp again until I come in for rotation.  I would like to come in on the 1st of April which would make it about 11 days to clear and process out.  There is a possibility that I might get a couple of days drop.  This means that I might leave anywhere from one to ten days before the 12th of April which is my normal DEROS.  This all depends on the flights that leave Bien Hoa airport and when I get manifested for a particular flight. 

I don't plan on going to the field after I get down to 30 days as there is a troop policy that anyone with 30 days will rotate back to base camp.  However, if the trains is still located at Bien Hoa at that time, I will stay at the trains until about 11 days prior to my leaving.  I have figured it out.  (editor's note: the next sentence is not coherent).  If I have to go to the field and it turns out to be about three weeks left in the field of 21 days.  Of course, this will not be consecutively.   So, my days in the field are limited.

Well, the Mess Sargent wants to use his typewriter so I will say . . .

By for now!


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