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Friday, January 24, 1969
77 Days

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam. I am writing this letter from somewhere in the boondocks. I don't really know exactly where. I do know that we are only four "clicks" from Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn is a fire support base of the 1st Infantry Division. I flew out here by chopper the day before yesterday and we flew directly over Holiday Inn.

Last night, they had contact over that way. Our mortars were firing in support of them. For the last two nights, it's been pretty quiet here. I guess I told you that we lost three tracks in the first three days of this operation. Well,  we haven't lost any more since then.  Two new tracks came out here last night from Bien Hoa, so we are just about back to full strength.

Yesterday, we captured three VC in a village not far from here.  2nd Squadron (11th ACR) is operating close by and they had cordoned off the village - the same village that we got the VC from.  Our present NDP (Night Defensive Position) is set up in an open field.  I am set up directly under a huge tree which is providing me with good shade.

It's hot here today.  I would say - about 95 degrees.  We just got word that we will be moving soon.  It's 11:00 AM now and we are suppose to move this afternoon.   We moved yesterday so I don't see why we should be moving today.  We usually move every other day.  I hate like hell to move.  There is too much packing and unpacking and of course, there is the ever present danger of mines.  I would rather stay in one place for a week and take my chances with mortars then move every day and have to worry about mines.

We are going back in in five more days.  That makes it Wednesday.  We will spend two weeks at Bien Hoa and then back out here for another week.

About a week ago, I went to the PX in Bien Hoa and inquired about buying a new car.   You see, you can buy a new car over here through the PX at a reduced price.  I was looking at the new Pontiac LeManns.  The guy quoted me a price of $2760 for a new 1969 model.  Just for kicks Dad, get in touch with Herb Crowley and price the new LeManns.  When I get home, I am going to buy a '69 but I haven't made up my mind which make.  I will have to look them over.  The Pontiac that I priced had bucket seats, two door hard top with the 250 HP engine, six cylinder overhead cam with all the standard equipment with no radio.  I am interested to see the difference in price.

By the way, let me know what my latest bank balance is.  I am curious to see how much money I have got.  I don't intend to buy a car here.  I will wait until I get home so I can talk things over with you.  I should be getting my orders in about another month so I should know where I will be stationed pretty soon.  I don't really care, just as long as it's in the states.

Things here are going good and my remaining days are going by fairly fast.  I haven't received a package from you since Christmas.  I can always use film and batteries, etc.  I am glad to here that you have been receiving my mail once again.   From here on in, I will try and write more often.  There is quite a lot of free time out here in the field so you will be hearing more from me.

But, all in all, things are going good.  I have no complaints.  Well, I will sign off now as I think we will be moving shortly.  So . . .

By for now!


PS.  See you in 77 days.

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