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Monday, January 27, 1969
74 Days and a "wakeup"

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greeting once again from Vietnam.  I just thought I would write a few words while I have the chance, to let you know that things are going well and that I am feeling fine.   We are in the field.  I will be going back to Bien Hoa in two more days for two weeks.  Then, I will be back out here again.

We are set up in a pretty secure area.  At present, we are surrounding a village.   We have had a cordon around this village for three days now and this mission is suppose to last a total of seven days.  So, this means that we have about four more days here at this village.

Time is going by fast, especially here in the field.  I have started to get my tan back.  I really look good.  I have lost a little weight and I am feeling better.   My face has cleared up considerably.  I think that it is due to the sun and heat.  It's really hot now in the day time.  It gets up in the high 90s.   It gets quite cold at night and in the early morning - in the low 40s.  We sweat to death in the day and freeze at night.  I use a sleeping bag, a blanket and a poncho liner to keep warm.  I like it out in the field.  It's a lot of work but time goes by faster.

I have been getting a lot of mail lately so this helps.  I have gotten betters from students at the high school (Portsmouth High School).  I think that Mrs. Jones, my old English teacher, might have given my address to some of the students there.   It's good to get mail from anyone, just so long as I get mail.  I have been getting your mail regularly.

Are you ready for a Florida vacation?  You know, I would really like to go to Florida when I get home.  As I told you before, If I get orders to Oakland, California I would like to catch a plane directly to Tampa and meet you there.  If, however, I get orders to Ft. Dix, then of course I will have to come on directly home.   This is something that I will have to let you know as soon as I get my orders.   I should have my orders in about 40 days.  Then, I will know where I will be going.

My First Sargent just told me that I am getting a C.I.B. (Combat Infantryman's Badge).  This is an award given to infantrymen exclusively for coming under enemy fire.  Of course, I am not infantry (11B10) I'm a cook (94B20).   However, the First Sargent told our clerk to change my secondary MOS (Military Occupational Specialties) to 11B10 (infantry) so that I could qualify for a C.I.B.  This badge is a mark of distinction, especially for a cook.  I guess I have been in as much action (if not more) as these guys here who have C.I.B.s.  The award is given for the first enemy contact.  My first enemy contact was back in April at Trang Bang.  This is too long ago to back date the orders so I am being award the C.I.B. for the mortar attack up at the Iron Triangle about four or five weeks ago.  I thought that it was pretty nice of my First Sargent to be so thoughtful in getting it for me.  When I get home, I will have so many decorations that I will look like a five star general.

Well, I understand that the Paris Peace Talks are making slow progress.  With my luck, they will probably end this war the 12th of April - the day after I come home.

Well, I best be getting back to work.  Take care and . . .

By for now!


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