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Photo On My Stationery

Tuesday, July 2, 1968
91 degrees - clear

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greeting once again from Vietnam.  This is just a short note before I go to work.   I wanted to tell you that I received your package with the July issue of Playboy, tee shirts and audio tapes yesterday.  Sent air mail it only took about six days.   The tee shirts are just what I needed.  Enclosed in this letter are two Polaroid pictures.  One was taken outside our hootch and the other, inside.  The sign overhead outside of the hootch reads: "HQ Platoon Of Killing K Troop".

Dave has a Polaroid 210 camera and every once in awhile he gives me a couple of pictures.  I have taken four rolls of slides and sent them in a while back.  So far, I have not received them back.  They will probably take a while.  Well, everything is still the same.  The was has quieted down considerable - for us anyway.   So, I will write again soon.

By for now!


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