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Tuesday, June 18, 1968
83 degrees - clear

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, today is a real beautiful day.  The sun is shinning bright and it is real pleasant.  I am off from work this morning.   It was great to sleep in.  I go on shift at 11:00.  The reason that I haven't written for several days is because Saturday we had our troop party and Sunday, the officers had their party so we were kept pretty busy catering to them.  Today I am rested and feel pretty good. 

Things are going good here for me.  In two more days we are suppose to go to Long Binh for one or two weeks so it looks as if we will be in Long Binh for my birthday.   I'm looking forward to it.  That's where the swimming pool is and the nice EM club (and the girls).  So it should be a nice vacation.

As I told you in my last letter, I receive the camera all right.  I tried to use my flash attachment with it and it won't work.  The batteries are good so it's not them.  I think it must be in the camera.  Oh well, next pay day I will buy another camera which will work with a flash gun.  I would like to have another one anyway.  The PX here has a very big selection of cameras.  Before I rotate I am going to get a tape recorder like Dick's  I don't know how to spell it (Awki I think).  They have a new model out, the 1800S for $238 minus the cost of the speakers.  It's really beautiful.  In some of the bigger PXs over here, they have a big selection or recorders and camera.

The last letter that I received was from you Dad, dated the 12th of June.  I will be looking for your package when it comes.  As of yet, I have not received any packages from Lucy.  So I will be looking for them too.  I am glad to hear that everything is all right with you and that you are coming along so well with the "hole" (editor's note: a landscaping project in our backyard).  I won't recognized the old homestead what with the backyard driveway hot topped and the hole filled in.  It will be good to get back home.  I know I have nine months left but that will go by fast.

This is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here but I will do my   and time and come home.  All in all, things are going good.  The work is fun and we have some good times.  We have a TV in our barracks.  Last night the Hollywood Palace was on.  There are no commercials on TV here.  I guess there isn't too much to advertise.  The station is AFVN channel 11, Saigon.  It's a good station.

Well, I must get going as I have to go to work.  So until I write again . . .

By for now!


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