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Friday, June 28, 1968
94 degrees - overcast

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greeting once again from Vietnam.  Well, tomorrow we leave for Blackhorse.   So it looks as if I will be where I can get a drink to celebrate my birthday.   I received your second package yesterday with the tee shirts, socks and magazines - thanks.  Just what I needed.  You can send more of those tee shirts anytime.   They are great.  The socks however are too thin.  I need a heavy cotton sock but when I get back to Blackhorse I will be able to get some. 

I also enjoyed the magazines Dad.  Especially Cavalcade and Wildcat.  After I get get through with them I'll pass them on to my buddies.  The only magazines like these that we get over here are Playboy and then it's a censored edition.  You can't possibly know how these magazines boost a guys morale.  It would be nice if you could put a package together with the things I need and send it along.  Some of the simplest of things there are so hard to come by here such as that Magic Marker. 

In your next package, send some scotch tape and also a fifth of Sloe Gin.  It's almost impossible to get hard liquor here.  However, there is no regulation saying you can't drink it it's just that you can't buy it.  Of course you can send batteries for my tape recorder periodically too.  I play it quite a lot and I go through a lot of batteries.  So if you could send these things, say once a month, it would be great.  I can use as many towels and tee shirts that you can send.  I'm always loosing these items.  You couldn't possibly know how much your packages are appreciated.  We have literally nothing so anything we get is appreciated.   Thanks once again for your packages.

Please thank for me all those people who sent me birthday cards.  Even though I can not write and thank them all personally it doesn't mean that I am not appreciative.   It is impossible for me to write everybody.  The war is just too demanding.   There is very little leisure time and what there is, it is devoted to sleep.   It would be nice if you could thank these people with a card or telephone call.   So far, I have receive cards from: the Anderson's, the Zamaci's, Ede & Frank, Cliff, Lucy & Barbara, Mary & Betty Anne and Fran.  So far, these are all the ones that I have received.  Perhaps more will come today.  Everyone there has been so kind in writing.  Thanks them all dearly for me.

Well, I am going to cut this short because there are a few more letters that I must write today.  I just wanted to let you know that I am going back to Blackhorse and that everything is going great for me here.  So, until my next letter . . .

By for now!


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