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The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

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Sunday, June 30, 1968
84 degrees - cloudy

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, we are back at Blackhorse.  We got in yesterday morning at about 11:00 and it looks as if we will be here for at least 60 days anyway - possibly longer depending on the weather and of course enemy activity.   You see, in the 11th Cav there are three squadrons.  Each squadron takes turns at base camp security.  It is now our turn to stay at base camp to provide security for the rear detachments. 

Things are going great here.  I will have plenty of time off so I will have plenty of time to get the things done that I would like to do.  We have another new cook to help relieve some of the work.  Remember Dave from Maine.  Yep, Dave's our new cook.  We have been trying to get him in the mess hall for the past month and when Duckey, our other cook rotated last week it left us a man short and no new cook coming in lately so they asked Dave if he would like the job.   He's doing real well.  So we are pretty squared away now.  We still have two cooks on a shift.  I go on in another hour.

In regards to my birthday, I had a real good time.  We had a little party in the hootch here with some of my buddies.  We ate the chips, nuts and salami that you and Ede sent.  I saved them just for last night and of course I got the greatest birthday present anyone could get - your audio tape.  It came in the mail yesterday afternoon.  It was so good to here your voices once again.  Please make another tape as soon as possible and send it along.  It would be great if you could include more of WBZ radio in Boston.   I enjoyed the short excepts immensely.

At 8:00 every evening except Saturday and Sunday WBZ plays the top 30 songs starting with number 30 and counting down to number one.  It would be great to here the top 30.  We are a little behind the times here but the tape was great and it arrived on time.  I am in the process of making one now and I will send it along when I get it finished.  I think you will find it quite interesting.  Since my last letter, I have received many more birthday cards from many more friends.  Please thank everyone for being so thoughtful and kind.

Well, there isn't too much more to report.  Things are going good here and time is going by fast (298 days left today - "short").  Well, until my next letter . . .

By for now!


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