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Friday, November 29, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Well, here it is the day after Thanksgiving and full of turkey.  We had a real nice Thanksgiving dinner in spite of the fact that we were in the field.  We cooked the dinner at Long Binh and airlifted the chow out to the troops.  Instead of using the big "Chinook" helicopters we had two Huey "slicks" at our disposal.  The Hueys are the small helicopters.   This is the first time that I had ever ridden in one and believe me, it's the only was to fly here in Vietnam.  They are really something.

The troop was way the hell out in the "boondocks".  It took us about 30 minutes to get to them.  I helped cook the dinner at Long Binh and then flew out with our new Mess Sargent and another cook.  We already had two cooks out in the field - Dave and our new cook, Russ.  By the way, Dave got back in the mess hall while we were back at Tan Son Nhut.  I guess I just never told you.

Here is our current roster of cooks in K Troop's Mess Hall.

                      Sgt. First Class - Herbert Blackwell
                      Spec/5 - Ken Foster
                      Spec/5 - Me (who leaves in 134 days)
                      Spec/5 - John Johnson, nicknamed "J.J."
                      Spec/4 - Dave Mansir
                      Spec/4 - Quinlan (new)
                      Spec/4 - Russ Risden (new)

So, as you can see, we are up tight on cooks.  Oh, and by the way, I am now back at Blackhorse.  I am part of the advanced party which came in today.  The rest of the mess hall and the rest of the Troop will be in tomorrow.  We are only going to be in until the 4th of December and then back out again.  This time, the mess section will go with the Troop.  Boy, have I got a case of the ass.  They told us first that we would be in for at least one month.  Oh, well, that's the Army in Vietnam for you.

The mission that we are suppose to go on will take us down around Vung Tau which is on the coast due East from us, here.  We are suppose to be working with an Australian unit.  The mission is not suppose to last more than four weeks and then perhaps back to base camp.  I hope!

I received one of your Christmas packages the day before yesterday.  The other one will probably be here in a day or two.  The one I got was not the one with the flash gun in it.  Thank you.

Payday was today so by the time you get this letter, you will no doubt have my $200 check from Uncle Sam.  I drew $95 this month.  About $35 more than last month.   I was a little in debt from last month so could you send me about $50 please in a postal money order.  Thank you.

Dad, in my last letter, I asked you to deliver some flowers to a girl for me.  If you did, you probably found out that she had moved.  I got a letter from her the other day saying that she had moved to Seabrook.  If for some reason you did not find her in Seabrook here is her new address.  (editor's note:  address redacted for privacy)

So, if you haven't delivered the flowers to her yet, I would appreciate it if you would.  Also, if you happen to be down on Lafayette Road I would appreciate is if you would also take some flowers to (editor's note: name and address redacted for privacy), with this message (editor's note: message redacted for privacy).  Please don't tell her that you are my father.  Thank you.

As you no doubt know, I have been receiving letters from these two girls quite often.   I really enjoy hearing from them and I get a great deal of pleasure writing to them, too.  I promised them both that I would take them to dinner some evening when I get home.  On different nights of course.  Who knows?  Perhaps I might have a little romance stated.  With which one, I not sure yet.  I will figure that out when I get home. 

I will say one thing though, my time has been going a lot faster since I started writing to them.  The guys here have been calling me the "mail call Casanova".  I still get letters from the girl in Bangkok, too.  So, with three girls writing to me at the same time, I don't have room for any more. 

It's good to get mail from someone besides you.  Believe it or not, you are the only ones that write to me regularly except for the girls.  Occasionally, I get a letter from aunt Ede but that's about it.  I think tonight I will write to Dick and Steve.  Perhaps I can get an answer from them.  I never did hear from Dick.   He must have forgotten to mail the letter.

Well, I guess I will sign off for now.  Take care.

By for now!


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