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Friday, October 4, 1968

Dear Mom & Dad,

Greetings once again from Vietnam.  Yes, we are still here at Tan Son Nhut.   We might possibly be moving around the 15th of this month.  The speculation is that we might go to Bien Hoa for about 30 days and then back to Blackhorse for about 30 days or until Christmas.  Come Christmas, I will be down to almost 90 days left in country.  So if this is the case, it will be great.  In a way, I am not looking forward to going to Bien Hoa because we will no doubt have to send a cook out to the field but then again, it will be nice to get to the club again and hear the bands and see the shows.

Well, we said good-bye to one or our cooks today.  Saadi is down to five days left in country so he went back to base camp this morning.  Of course, we hated to see him go but, then again, we were happy for him that he was going home.  Saadi was a machine gunner before he came to the mess hall about three months ago but we will not be short any cooks because Saadi's replacement got here about a week ago.  His name is Quinnlan and he's from New Jersey.  He seems like a pretty good fellow.

Dave is back in the mess hall again.  I think I told you that a week or so ago Barney (the Mess Sargent) told Dave he no longer wanted him in the mess hall but today, the First Sargent told Dave he was going back to the mess hall no matter what Barney wants.  This is quite a surprise to me because usually, "lifers" stick together.  It's good to have a "lifer" (the First Sargent) on our side for a change.  Our First Sargent doesn't care too much for Barney. 

I wish you could meet Barney.  Never in my career as a human being have I ever met a "man" (?) like Barney.  It is my belief that the man is (editor's note: the next two words have been redacted).  He is totally unreasonable and has the (editor's note: the next six words have been redacted).  This gut is quite a character.  He's been in the Army 16 years.  If this is what 16 years in the Army does to a man then I have been in 21 months too long already.  Oh well, it's not everyone who has a (editor's note: the next two words have been redacted) as a Mess Sargent.  Well, so much for our (editor's note: the next word has been redacted).

Perhaps in the near future you might be watching the newspaper for a news release which I filled out yesterday.  It's in regards to my promotion to Spec./5.  It will be sent to the Portsmouth Herald and will be in the paper probably within the next two months.  Also, I made a tape recorded message which will be aired on WBBX or WHEB or perhaps even both sometime before Christmas.  You will be notified by the radio station what time and day it will be aired.  I won't tell you what it's about.   I will let you hear for yourselves.  What it actually is, is a Christmas greeting.

It won't be too long now and Christmas will be here.  I imagine back home now it is getting cool and the leaves are turning colors.  Of course, here it stays the same all the time - HOT.  You know, I have been here six months and I can not remember it ever getting really hot.  Of course, I really like the heat much more than the cold so this one reason that I like Vietnam so much.  Of all the duty stations that I have had in the Army, Vietnam is the best duty station that I have had.

In regard to aunt Lucy's packages.  I did receive two cassette tapes when we were at the 56th Artillery Base.  I have not received any Playboys and in regard to her other packages, I received only two.  Just between you and I, I don't think that she ever mailed them.  There is no reason in the world why I shouldn't get them.  I have gotten all of yours.  So, I think that she has not mailed them.

Well, that's about it for today.  I will write again soon.

By for now!


Don't forget the $100

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