K Troop 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment

The Blackhorse In Vietnam 1966 - 1972

hosted by Bob Hersey




George Jones Medic


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Dave Mansir


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Thanksgiving Day Chow


0057841-R1-E010.jpg (484281 bytes)

George Jones


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Walter (Woody) R. Wojciechowski
I dentified by Gary Coates 2021


0057841-R1-E013.jpg (1022449 bytes)

End  of Tan Son Nhut Runway


0057841-R1-E015.jpg (1024652 bytes)

Can You Identify This Track?


0057841-R1-E017.jpg (937135 bytes)

Laundry & Sewing Girls

0057841-R1-E018.jpg (450730 bytes)

Name Needed

0057841-R1-E019.jpg (1100849 bytes)

Names Needed

0057841-R1-E021.jpg (569307 bytes)

Name Needed


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56th Artillery HQ Bien Hoa


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K Troop's Mess Truck


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Christmas 1968

0057841-R1-E027.jpg (491495 bytes)

Who Is She?

0057841-R1-E029.jpg (533504 bytes)

Dave Mansir






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Dave Mansir & Quinlan

13&14_20_large.jpg (1070552 bytes)

K Troop's CP

13&14_21_large.jpg (1093203 bytes)

Dave Mansir 56th Arty.

13&14_22_large.jpg (541015 bytes)

Quinlan - K Troop Cook

13&14_23_large.jpg (1133153 bytes)

Maybe William Saadi

13&14_24_large.jpg (617894 bytes)

Field Toast

13&14_25_large.jpg (626351 bytes)

Mess Wash Rack

13&14_26_large.jpg (1038946 bytes)


13&14_27_large.jpg (430187 bytes)

Ken Foster - J.J. Johnson

13&14_28_large.jpg (1366760 bytes)

Do You Know Them?


13&14_29_large.jpg (636828 bytes)

Change of Command


13&14_30_large.jpg (1065086 bytes)

K Troop Parades

13&14_31_large.jpg (1245962 bytes)

Lt. Col. George S. Patton


13&14_32_large.jpg (1287286 bytes)

Lt. Col. Patton Addresses K Troop


13&14_33_large.jpg (564875 bytes)

Lt. Col. Patton

13&14_34_large.jpg (445839 bytes)

Quinlan (Do you know his first name?)

13&14_35_large.jpg (397734 bytes)

Larry Bloomenstock - Driver

13&14_36_large.jpg (510448 bytes)

Do You Know Them?

13&14_37_large.jpg (535650 bytes)

Dave Mansir, Gardner, Maine

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